Air Conditioner Options

These three are highly rated and really work. Many just act like fans that blow cold air.  These do not. To get to something really effective you will be spending more money.

1.) This LG portable will make the room cold. To keep it mold free make sure to run it on fan for 2 hours before turning it off. Or you can just leave it on fan continuously. $399

Here is a video on how to keep it clean.

When you open it and vacuum the coil and condenser,  you can use Kellie Beeson Condenser, evaporator coil cleaner or an cleaner with essential oils like thieves oil cleaner. Then carefully hose it down. Of course watch out fo the electronics.

2.) The Whynter is more expensive at $447, but it’s good for keeping the air dryer and acts like a heater in the winter. You said you wanted something smaller this is much smaller yet powerful.  This one also comes without the heater function but I can’t find it in stock. It’s the second link and It’s $50 cheaper

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