Air filtration HiTech and HEPA Short Term

by River of Life Medical

Air Filtration/Purifiers
Summary of Recommendations:
1. Proper Remediation is essential before using an Air Filtration Device.
2. Evaluate your place: ERMI/HERTSMI-2 and a mold evaluator (acknowledging the limitations)
3. Short Term Goal: use HiTech Air Solutions with a HEPA filtration device to elevate your probability of success in homes and offices made with standard materials and standard engineering.


1. Use Filtration devices only after adequate remediation of water damage. Success of Filtration device is low if you have active water damage in your home or office. Active water damage is often hidden and you will not know unless one evaluates their home/office. Mold evaluators can help you find many areas of water damage, but cannot find all the area of water damage–we need to recognize mold evaluators limitations. So they CANNOT tell you if your place is free of water damage and mold toxicity—they can only tell you what they have found. Mold evaluators will help you find water damaged areas to remediate, but you should assume that hidden areas of water damage are still present in your home even after proper/good evaluation/remediation. Goal is to reduce the toxic load in home/office, but one cannot eliminate it.

2.Evaluate your office and home with the ERMI(Environmental Relative Mold Index) or HERTSMI-2. Make sure your place is less than negative 1(ERMI) or less than 10(HERTSMI-2)— but presence of any Stachybotrys or Chaetomium >1 is concerning. EMRI/HERTSMI-2 only tells you if the place is bad, but DOES NOT tell you if the place is good. A good result DOES not mean you will heal in the place. ERMI has lots of FALSE negative results.

3.HEPA filtration devices for allergies do not sufficiently filter out biotoxins. HEPA filters filter particles larger than 0.3 microns, but biotoxins include particles that are small as 0.005 microns. Once biotoxins are stirred (cleaning, vacuuming, wiping, moving) the biological toxin floats in the air for greater than 24 hours before it settles down again.
Standard HEPA filtration can only address toxins and allergens bigger than 0.3 microns, but will not adequately address smaller biotoxins. Also, biotoxins that are VOC’s (volatile organic compounds like 1-octene-3-ol “musty” odor) are not adequately filtered by HEPA machines or HEPA vacuums. So please understand the limitations.

4.VOC’s require advanced PCO or charcoal (carbon) based filtration device. If charcoal based, make sure there is greater than 20 lbs of charcoal. Dwell time between the VOC and the charcoal should be greater than 0.2 seconds, and roughly this equates to having >20 lbs of charcoal.

5.Do not use HEPA filtration device without a PCO/HiTech Air Solutions. Why? Depending on the amounts of toxic mold spores in the home, HEPA filters will filter out the mold spores and the food for mold (cellular debris make up 50% of dust). These mold spores plus the dust in the HEPA filters create the perfect setting for the mold spores to actively grow and release toxins from the HEPA unit with climate changes- condensation, dew point, low barometric pressure, high humidity, etc. To eradicate the mold spores in the HEPA filter, combine the HEPA filtration device with a PCO device that will destroy the mold spores.

Explanation of four Filtration Devices: 

1. PCO devices like the Air Oasis
2. PCO devices like the HiTech Air Solutions that create Hydroxyls.
3. Air Filtration Devices.
4. Carbon Filtration Devices.

Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidizers (PCO):
Dr. Dan’s recommendation:
I only recommend these devices for HVAC’s and air exchange systems to neutralize the biological toxins/mold inherent in drip pans, coils, as well as the air exchange membranes. PCO’s will do a great job decontaminating objects near the device (within a few feet), but do not have enough capacity to decontaminate the further away from the device, despite the claims that the free radicals (negative and positive ions) will help reduce the pathogen load in the environment. Pathogens are often reduced, but many biological toxins are not. Toxins are what make you sick. I have found the capacity of PCO devices to be insufficient to help decontaminate standard housing.
If you have a custom home free of mold and chemicals, I would recommend PCOs. But for any standard housing, I do not recommend these machines because they do not have the capacity to decontaminate the place sufficiently. I only recommend them for specific goals of decontaminating HVAC/Air Exchange systems.
Dr. Shoemaker recommends the Air Oasis: I only recommend it for HVACs. But if you want to follow Dr. Shoemakers recommendation, you should get the ozone free version.

HiTech Air Solutions: 

Dr. Dan’s Recommendations:
I highly recommend this device. Its not a “Solution” like the name implies, but it is a great tool to elevate your probability of successfully decontaminate standard housing/office.
HiTech Air Solutions will also replace the need for the Air Oasis type of PCO for the HVAC/Air exchange machines.


I have had more success with the HiTech Air Solutions than other PCO devices. It elevates the probability of tolerating and healing in standard housing—NOT A GUARANTEE. I have not had the same type of success with the air oasis or any other filtration devices. The HiTech Air Solutions is also a PCO, but it is in the category of PCOs that create Hydroxyl Free Radicals.

The HiTech Air Solution uses titanium impregnated MERVE 9 filters with a UVC lamp. Minimal ozone is created with the UVC—less than ambient amounts of ozone. The company claims a “stabilized hydroxyl” without any studies to support that claim. However, ultimately, patients positive responses have convinced me to continue recommending the machine, despite the lag in scientific verifications. Many of my patient have had unusual amount of success. However, many have not had success. Again, it is NOT a guarantee, but a great tool if used correctly.

Negative Reactions:

About 5% of patients will initially not tolerate the device due to a various issues—they typically have severe detox blockages and high oxidative damage—often with severe MCAD, severe EMF sensitivities, etc. Or the environment is particularly toxic, and the hydroxyls created will cause a die-off of microbes/mold in the environment resulting in initial release of toxins (every indoor mold/microbe treatment like Thieves oil, EO’s, Ozone/CD, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. will cause an initial worsening of the air quality). Dr. Dan will help you navigate the reactions. All reaction, positive/negative/neutral gives Dr. Dan insight into your imbalance.

Three Types of reaction:
1. Hydroxyl causing a die off in the body—creating a HERX. 2. Body unable to mount a HORMETIC response to the hydroxyl free radicals, resulting in worsening oxidative damage.

3. Hydroxyl causing a die off in the environment—creating a temporarily increased toxin load in the home/office (Every decontaminating treatment will make the indoor air initially worse, so this is NOT unique to the HiTech Air Solutions)

Typically, pro-oxidants (hydroxyls) are healthy for the body. But for patients who are depleted, who cannot mount a proper

HORMETIC response to the pro-oxidant, will not do well. So, negative reactions, is diagnostic for many patients depleted status. Furthermore, those who have severe EHS/EMF sensitivities will not tolerate any PCO devices.

Instructions for proper use of HiTech Air Solutions:
Initially: Turn the machine on and allow 3 days to 1 week to decontaminate your home. The air quality will worsen for the first few days to several weeks, so I recommend not living in the space for the initial period of 3 days to a week.
Diagnostic tool: A particular scent, “burnt smell”, will come out of the machine when exposed to biological toxins. During this time, the air quality in the room will be worse. The hydroxyl reaction is breaking down the mold and biological toxins, however, during this time, the microbiome/biological toxin producing organisms will release toxins in the air as they die (this happens with all decontamination/killing therapies including herbal therapies, peroxide, bleach, concrobium, etc.) Duration of the “burnt” smell greater than 10-14 days = bad place.
Duration of the “burnt” smell less than 10 days = good place. Good place is defined as a location that most of my patients have had significant improvements.
Bad place is defined as a location that most of my patients have had no improvement or worsening.
How many machine is needed? One machine is needed for each floor. Or else you reduce the probability of success. 1,000 square feet per machine.
Humidity: ultrasonic humidifier to keep the humidity at 40%.

Hydroxyl Free Radical machines work best at humidity of greater than 40%. Also, healthy microbiome is best achieved at that humidity. However it is dangerous to use humidifier if you do not have a HiTech Air Solutions. Keep the humidity below 55% or else you increase the risk of mold growth.

Disclaimer about the controversy on HiTech Air Solutions: When you research this item, you will find an article written by

Lisa Petrison from Mold Avoiders/ Here, my experience with the machine outweighs the controversy— most folks who are against the machine either do not understand the science and/or have not used the machine. Also, the representatives and the owner of the HiTech Air Solutions are not scientist or clinicians, and have historically not explained why some people have not tolerated the machine. Ultimately, the machine is a tool, and if you use the tool well, it will elevate your probability of healing and tipping the balance in standard housing and your office.


Retail Cost. $2,000 for one 101 unit. I DO NOT MAKE a commission like other representatives. I past the savings to you.

So you can get it for $1,500.

Cross-contamination control: 

HiTech Air Solutions: continuously decontaminates your home. So keep it on while living in standard housing/office.

HEPA filtration: I highly recommend HEPA filtration for those who have moderate to severe allergy issues as well as all Biotoxin Illness. However, HEPA filtration alone will capture mold spores, and soon (within a month) will become a source of Biotoxin Contamination. Therefore, to neutralize this issue, I would only use HEPA filtration with a PCO device. I recommend using a Hepa filtration device with the HiTech Air Solutions.

Carbon filtration: Austin Air and IQ Air, both companies sell a version of the HEPA filters with added carbon filters.

However, both do not meet the +20 pounds of charcoal(carbon) criteria. I recommend the Air Pura 600C. However, these are expensive machines and costly to replace the filters every 1-2 months. Therefore, wait till adequate remediation before purchasing these machines. These are great units for chemical sensitivities.

Option One:
Ventilate the house with outdoor air. Open the windows. Put box fans on the window with a cheap filter purchased from Home Depot and taped to the fan and have air blowing into the house. Simple Solutions are the best initially. However, you cannot do this if you live in an area with outdoor toxins, like cyanobacteria (lakes/ponds/wet lands), mystery toxins (many populated urban cities in the US including Boston, Cambridge, NYC, Nashua, Austin, etc.), or pesticides (farms).
Also, only works during the spring and summer—warm climates. So the fall and winter, option two is recommended. Option Two:
Combine a HiTech Air Solutions with a HEPA filtration device.

The combination will be the most optimal. If you have mystery toxins outdoors as well as pesticides or other pollutions, then closing the window and using a HiTech Air Solutions with a HEPA air purifier would be the best intervention.

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