Klinghardt-Shoemaker Mold Guidelines

General Mold Testing Guidelines & Considerations 

Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, PhD , ” mold expert and physician”.

Dr. Shoemaker recommends the Micometrix Test: they are located in NJ. 1-732-355- 9018
It is a dust collection with a swifter cloth or vaccume sample o find the 5 species of mold that are most problematic. Send the sample in for testing.

Blood work is needed for the person living in the tested environment Two important markers:

The MSH: should be higher than 35, and
HERTSMI-2 , range: between 2-10, but not higher than 15, to be ok in a slightly moldy environment.

All houses have mold, but some people are more prone to illness from it. HiTech Air Solutions units help clear the mold, clean the air and household items with proper use.

Autistic people typically have a low MSH and High Hertsmi-2….and get fungal issues.
If the Hertsmi -2 is under 15 …and the MSH is less than 35…do not go into a slightly moldy environment.

A visual contrast test is also a strong indicator of possible biotoxin illness. https://www.vcstest.com/ What is visual contrast sensitivity testing? 

Visual contrast sensitivity testing measures your ability to see details at low contrast levels and is often

used as a nonspecific test of neurological function. Similar in form to a standard audiometry hearing

test, a VCS test generally involves the presentation of a series of images of decreasing contrast to the

test subject and the recording of the contrast levels where patterns, shapes, or objects can or cannot be

identified. The results of the test can then be used as an aid in the diagnosis of visual system


What can cause a contrast sensitivity deficit? 

Many things can affect the ability to perceive contrast. These include nutritional deficiencies, the

consumption of alcohol, drug/medication use, and exposure to endogenous or exogenous neurotoxins

and/or biotoxins, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), venom from animal or insect stings or

bites, certain species of mold and the mycotoxins and microbial VOCs they produce, cyanobacteria,

dinoflagellates (particularly Pfiesteria and Ciguatera), parasites, heavy metals like mercury and lead, and

the pathogens responsible for Lyme disease and its common co-infections. For more information,

please see our Research resources.

Why is VCS testing diagnostic? 

VCS testing, by itself, is generally not diagnostic for any specific condition (including either mold or neurotoxin exposure), but a positive result may suggest the existence of a health and life-affecting subclinical process. If your results are positive, you could have a number of different conditions and should see your healthcare provider.

To recap;
If the patients blood test is I the following range:

Hertsmi-2 is lower than 15, and the MSH is higher than 35, then patient should not be sensitive to the environment of a home with a slightly moldy environment.

Check the patient and Check the environment to make appropriate living and medical decisions.

Dr. Klinghardt recommends all with environmental mold issues to use the HiTech Air Solutions portable unit to clean the air and household items of mold. The most effective we have seen.


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