Mold Environmental is dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s, Mold, and Other Environmental Toxins achieve optimal wellness. We work in concert with your physician to help provide the highest level of care for toxicity & impairment management. Combining traditional and integrative protocols, we help you prevent and detoxify from mold exposure.

The commitment, compassion and understanding we extend to each client is unsurpassed. We examine every aspect of life including diet, physical activity, lifestyle, environmental stressors, and more to discover the most effective approach tailored to each client.

As a case manager, we support clients in environmental and certified health wellness coaching and education. We teach you about your condition, guiding you in the decisions you’ll need to make for your prescribed protocol to work effectively. We act as a sounding board to help you discover what choices you feel are best for you and your family. We also offer concierge services. When getting things done gets to be too much for you, we help by carrying your work load. We also act as a liasion and can provide clarification of protocols, saving you calls and unnecessary costly appointments with your physician.

Sometimes you just might need a listening ear from a person that understands what you are going through. Learning all you have to do to succeed can feel overwhelming. It’s important you feel supported through this time. I’m here to help.

Mold Environmental serves the global community, conducting all sessions over the phone in English or Spanish. Our fees cover a weekly session plus research, and follow-up.

Contact us via email with any questions or to book your initial consultation.