Mold Environmental is a Certified Practitioner in The Breteson Protocol, specializing in case management and functional health coaching for Alzheimer’s, CIRS clients with bio toxin illness and cognitive impairment.

Working closely with doctors, Mold Environmental helps lighten your load by acting as patient advocate and liaison between doctor and patient. Assisting patients in understanding and applying medical protocols, answers frequently asked questions and training clients in adopting supportive habits and lifestyle choices. This intervention helps to build self efficacy in the client; the belief in oneself to get things done.

Mold Environemntal’s interest in the field of functional health coaching has roots in her personal and familial experiences with major health setbacks, Autism and CIRS. “I strongly believe that chronic ‘mystery’ illnesses have a root cause and can be successfully resolved. My family has been blessed to have survived both Autism and CIRS”, says Mold Environmental.

After many years of recovery, Mold Environmental’s interest in helping others with similar issues led to study and certification as an MPI Cognition Certified Practitioner in The Breteson Protocol, a Institute of Functional Medicine Health Coach and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. A PhD in Natural Medicine from Quantum University is in process.

The health supportive business, Mold Environmental was established in 2016 with a web presence at Mold Environmental can be reached at

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